June 8th & 9th, 2024 - Parade 10am Saturday - Music from noon until 6:00pm


Thank you for Your Entry in the Fairfax Festival Parade!



The Fairfax Police Department has asked that nothing be thrown into the crowd. We can't risk the safety of our young audience members.


What's Next?

You will receive your parade placement number the week prior to the parade. If you have any changes to your float, please email the parade coordinator: festivalmerrell@gmail.com



If you need to drive to the Festival, please find street parking. This can be challenging so plan to come early! There is no parking in the staging area. Do NOT park in the East lot of Good Earth.


Setting Up on Saturday Morning

  • Floats will gather and line up in the West Parking Lot of the Good Earth/Java Hut on Saturday starting at 8:30 a.m.
  • Floats should be READY TO GO by 9:50 - the parade starts at 10am sharp!
  • ONLY floats are allowed in the parking lot for staging. If you need to drop off materials, please pull up on Broadway and load out from there.
  • When the last float leaves the parking lot, it should be empty, with no materials or vehicles left behind!


During the Parade

  • The turning point at Broadway and Bolinas is your moment to shine! This is where your entry will be evaluated by the judges. Plan to pause and do your song/dance/act or just show off your float!


  • Do NOT approach the announcers' stand! Nobody will be allowed to use the microphones or provide last-minute information.


  • You can pause at other points in the parade, but you must keep moving when the float in front of you moves!


  • No pausing for pictures during the parade.


  • Please follow the float ahead of you. If there is a lot of space in front of you, it's important that you catch up! Don't stall and block the parade with long acts or songs.

After the Parade

Once you have finished the parade (reached the intersection of Bolinas and Park) please turn right onto Park and proceed as far down it as you can if you need a moment to disband. Please keep the area around the fire station and Peri Park clear. 

Walking floats should move out of the road as soon as possible. There are some large motorized floats and they will need to be able to turn into Park Road to pull over and disassemble.

The fairfax Festival Parade in Fairfax